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What are the legal reasons to get the divorce?

Every couple faces some issues in their relationship now and then, and several times, they find themselves thinking about getting separated from each other, or even to get divorced. But one must understand that getting married is not a child’s play. It comes with responsibilities and concerns and there has to be some solid reason behind getting divorced. However, there are only three legal reasons for which you can file divorce in the court and here we are going to describe these reasons to you, so that you know when it is ok to go for a divorce.

Here are the three legal reasons for getting divorce.

  1. Both the spouses have been living separately for more than a year

When a year has been passed for the spouses since they have been living separately, then the legal reason for divorce is fulfilled and only then they can file for the divorce. This reason has been established for the well-being of the spouses that they do not rush for divorce all at one and get some time to get back to each other. If they have not been living under one roof for a year, it is a proof that they do not feel comfortable with each other anymore and they want to part their ways now.

  1. One of the spouses committed adultery

We all know that marriage is a commitment between two people for being with each other and for staying fair with each other for whole of their lives. But when, one of them goes to some other person and commits some adultery as well, that is, he cheats the spouse, it gives the affected one the reasons to go file for divorce in Oklahoma against him. This is because when one person cheats the other in the couple, it becomes impossible for them to live with each other anymore.

  1. One spouse treated the other with physical or mental abuse

There are a lot of things that are included in this point and it allows the person who has got mistreated by the other, to file the divorce against him because he can no longer stand the torture and now wants separation. The physical abuse or cruelty includes beating your spouse, sexually abusing your spouse, and hurting your spouse. These are against the basic human rights as well and it allows the affected person to go to the court for justice. In case of mental abuse or cruelty, one person from the couple harassing or insulting your spouse, having an affair, humiliating or badly treating your spouse or threatening your spouse. When the mental torture reaches this point, it becomes impossible for the person getting bad treatment to stay under the same roof and he therefore has to file the divorce.

These are the three legal reasons for filing the divorce and against these, the court will take action to get the two parties separated for good.

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