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3 Critical Traits Every Expert Witness Should Have

You have a duty to your client. Sound arguments and solid evidence aren’t always enough to win over a jury. They understand that you are acting in the best interest of your client and they need to feel that your arguments are rooted in hard facts. Expert witnesses go a long way here. In cases with complicated details, compelling expert testimony could mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. When searching for a witness to provide expert testimony, be sure to consider these factors.


A convincing expert needs more than field experience. It helps to have a witness whose career is particularly noteworthy. Witness with impressive qualifications or accolades are more likely to be perceived favorably. However, an expert at the top of their field will have the skills to simplify complex ideas so the jury doesn’t feel lost. For example, few jurors will have the patience to sort through the nuances of asset misappropriation. An asset manager from a large local bank might be a sure bet for your banking litigation support.


If your witness has a solid resume and can communicate ideas clearly, then your next step is to evaluate how likable they are. It’s important that your witness is warm, inviting, and feels comfortable under pressure. Experts can sometimes be rattled when they are challenged during cross-examination. Be sure that your witness can withstand the pressure, remain composed, and continue to exhibit positive body language. Any hint of sarcasm, annoyance, or rudeness could easily turn the jury against you.


It is critical that your witness does not appear biased towards your client or your case. The appearance of any personal connection or opinion might produce an unfavorable outcome. It is important that they stick to the facts of the case, and the protocols of their profession.

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