Legal Adviser Help Law  4 Steps to Pursue Your Claim Under the Lemon Law In New Jersey

4 Steps to Pursue Your Claim Under the Lemon Law In New Jersey

You can be excited about purchasing a car in New Jersey until you realize that it’s a lemon car. Most buyers are not often aware of the lemon law and how it works. The lemon law is a doctrine that allows customers to pursue claims against a car dealer or a manufacturer for a defective product. Under the lemon law, the product is supposed to meet the customers’ expectations, and the manufacturer should be able to fix the issue and provide a replacement or a refund. This means you can get compensation or a refund in case you have a lemon car that the manufacturer is to repair. Below are the steps you need to take to pursue your claim under the lemon law in New Jersey.

  1. Determine If New Jersey Law Covers Your Vehicle

When you purchase a lemon car in New Jersey, your vehicle will be covered by the state’s lemon Law. According to lemon Law, manufacturers should refund or replace the vehicle after several failed safety and emissions tests within certain days after they have been sold. However, if you can fix the problem yourself, you don’t have to return it to the manufacturer.

  • You Should Determine if The Problem Your Vehicle is Covered by the New Jersey Lemon Law:
  • Under the Law, the Vehicles defect or problem reduces its value and overall usefulness

The vehicles defect or problem amounts to a serious safety defect that renders it likely to cause serious injury or death if driven

You need to be very detailed when describing your car’s problems when taking it for repair. Even a simple detail can help fix the problem of your car. You should include details of when the problem occurs, the sound produced, the smell, and how often it occurs. This information will allow the technician to know the problem and evaluate how they can fix it.

  1. Ensure You Meet The Requirement of Attempting to Fix Your Car

Under the Lemon Laws, you should at least visit have 3 or more repair attempts. When you take your car to the car dealer or manufacturer in new jersey at least three or more times without them being able to fix the problem, you qualify to receive a refund or replacement under the lemon law. Additionally, you should be compensated if your car stays at the dealer shop for 20 days or more.

  1. Ensure You Have the Needed Documentation 

You must prove your claim with the necessary documentation when filing for compensation. Documenting everything and ensuring you have all the paperwork and receipts is important. Additionally, keep a record of the invoice after repair attempts and other bills. Don’t forget to record any written communication with the car dealership or manufacturer’s customer service. After you gather all the evidence and documentation, you can present it to the manufacturer.

  1. Hire an Experienced and Qualified Lawyer

You need to hire an experienced and qualified attorney to deal with the lemon car case. The lemon cases can be complicated and can consume much of your time. Contact a lawyer familiar with the lemon law and who can aggressively pursue your claim.

In Conclusion

You must follow the above steps when pursuing your lemon car claim in New Jersey. Ensure you gather enough evidence to present your claim and to ensure you get compensation.

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