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5 Frequently Asked Questions When Seeking Litigation Support

Before you seek litigation support, it is important to understand what it entails. What you know about the litigation process determines the success of your case. You should create a list of questions to ask your lawyer during the consultative meeting to avoid confusion. Below are the frequently asked questions about litigation support you should seek answers to.

How Does the Litigation Process Work?      

The litigation process differs depending on the type and nature of your case. You should, however, expect the process to start with an investigation and filing of a complaint. It is the attorney who investigates the facts behind your claim before filing the complaint. Secondly, expect to answer some questions under oath from the defendant about the case through the discovery. This is to allow for the production of documents and oral question examination during trial. You should later expect pre-trial motions and the trial of the case, and any appeals.

Does It Cost Much to Hire a Litigation Lawyer?

The answers to this question might differ depending on the law form you approach, the nature of your case, and the things involved. It is, however, crucial to seek proper answers before taking further steps. For cases involving divorce or child custody, you should expect a longer timeline. This also means a higher contingency fee as long as the case is ongoing. Seek the cost breakdown before deciding on hiring the litigation lawyer.

How Do You Choose a Litigation Lawyer?

To a larger extent, the success of your case depends on the litigation lawyer you hire. The steps you take to choose the lawyer are vital. You need information and guidance to settle for and hire a reputable lawyer. While there are options on the market, choose a lawyer that can handle your case to the end. With law firms such as Cordell & Cordell, you have higher chances of finding and working with the best litigation lawyers.

What Services Should you Expect in Litigation Support?

A litigation lawyer provides several services and plays many roles. Firstly, you have legal representation in your case. The lawyer is always present on your behalf at the request of the court. Secondly, you have the best platform to file a complaint. Note that how you file your case influences the direction it will take. With a litigation lawyer, you should expect guidance on legal matters regarding your case. You learn and understand more from the lawyer.

Can You Get a Free Lawyer for Your Litigation Case?

For people charged with a crime that might lead to imprisonment or who can’t afford a lawyer, getting a free lawyer for litigation support in firms such as Cordell & Cordell team is possible. You can request the appointment of a public defender to handle your case.

Handling a litigation case can be overwhelming. You need support, and through the answers you get from the above questions, working with a reputable litigation lawyer becomes possible.

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