Legal Adviser Help Law  Handy Tips to Find the Best Lawyers in Turkey

Handy Tips to Find the Best Lawyers in Turkey

Handy Tips to Find the Best Lawyers in Turkey

Turkey is more than just a popular tourist destination. A lot of businessmen also come to Turkey, thanks to its booming economy. The country is known for its automotive industry, ship building, and science and technology. If you are working or living in Turkey as an immigrant and need professional legal advice, contact the best lawyers in the country. Here are some tips to help you out: • Ask fellow expats – If you know other expatriates working in Turkey, ask them who they approach for legal advice.

• Check specializations – Most lawyers in Turkey are more familiar with the laws for local citizens and might not be able to advise you on how these laws apply to you as a foreigner. Be sure to approach an attorney who specializes in representing foreign citizens living or working in Turkey. You should also check if the lawyer focuses on the area of law you need help in-whether that’s criminal law, consumer protection law, family law, debt recovery, or motor vehicle accident compensation. • Look for a personalized approach – The trouble with some lawyers in Turkey is that they use a cookie-cutter approach when dealing with their clients. Foreigners like yourself usually have different predicaments and situations, and that’s why an individual approach is needed. • Banish the language barrier – It’s highly important that you and your lawyer are able to communicate well, so hire someone who is fluent in your language. Miscommunication can cause many problems. • Check his or her qualifications – Not all lawyers may be qualified to help you. It pays to do a background check on your prospective lawyer.

• Check the client list – If most of the clients of the lawyer are also foreigners, then that’s a good sign. Check for online testimonials or reviews on the lawyer from previous clients. • Request a consultation – Some lawyers look really good on paper, but you can’t judge them based solely on their resumes. The best way to gauge an attorney is to set up a consultation, during which he or she should assess your predicament and give you options or advice on what you should do. You can check if the lawyer is a professional by the way he or she talks to you. • Trust your gut – If you are not comfortable with the lawyer you are talking to, then it will be hard to follow his or her advice. You should have a good relationship and open communication with your lawyer. Trusting your lawyer is very important, especially if he or she will be representing you in court.

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