Legal Adviser Help Law  How to Get Compensation For Work Accident Injury With The Help of Lawyer?

How to Get Compensation For Work Accident Injury With The Help of Lawyer?

How to Get Compensation For Work Accident Injury With The Help of Lawyer?

In some companies or industries, like truck drivers, construction sites, police officers, industrial workplaces, every year many accidents happen on work and the workers got injured. Sometimes the accident happens unknowingly but sometimes it takes place due to ignorance of the owners regarding faulty machines or their equipment’s. If the accident occurs because of owners then you have full right to claim compensation against your boss. But first of all the workers has to know the type of injury as well as their responsibilities. As the injury will take time to heal till then the worker needs money for family’s desires and medical expenses too.

What are my responsibilities if I met with an accident on work? Knowledge of your responsibilities is the initial process to claim set-off if anyone injured on work. Follow the below mentioned things if you want to get your rights: Notify a manager or supervisor about your injury immediately otherwise you will loose all your rights. If you are a Trauma patient then tell this to your employers that it causes pain while working regularly on job. Create multiple written report copies of accident and give one report to a manager or supervisor. Keep at least one copy for yourself. While at hospital tell every doctor that what happen with you, how and why. Make sure doctors write down your statements in records. Don’t stop the treatment until you are sure that you are completely recovered from injury till then follow up your weekly or monthly appointments. According to law, the company doctor will check you but don’t let him treat your injury. Tell him the reason behind your injury. Make a record of all conversations and appointments with doctors, company owners and witnesses in a diary. Keep all the records which include receipts, bills and letters for future with you, don’t throw them. Get a duty-status note from your doctor every time. You are entitled to disability pay under the law if your injury prevents you from working on your regular job. After every appointment, immediately take your signed doctor’s order excusing your absence or detailing your work restrictions right to the Company. File your claim with the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission within three years of your injury date otherwise you lose your rights forever. Do not delay it more than three years. Remember three years + just one day = you lose! Elfenbaum, Evers & Amarilio P.C. is a trusted law firm located in Chicago, Illinois from the last 25 years. We are available with experienced lawyers to help you. The employer will deny to pay cost. Our specialist lawyers will help you to claim your compensation by compelling the owners and you should have full proofs so that they will be unable to neglect your rights. To know more about work injury law, kindly visit our website or you can also contact us at (312) 226-2650 for any query.

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