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Law- A Noble Profession

Law- A Noble Profession

There are few professions which are considered noble among people. Their principal objective of folks practicing these professions is serving the society with utmost sincerity and integrity, not just to rake in moolah. Doctors, Lawyers and Teachers are such professionals who are deeply respected and enjoy a sterling stature among people as they are seen as the one who are contributing substantially towards the society. Of late, Law has become one of the most lucrative professions. The top-notch and astute lawyers earn pots of money when they represent big corporate houses and rich businessmen in courts. Then there is an array of Law firms which pay a bomb to their employees. That is why so many youngsters are opting to become lawyers these days.

Earning money by dint of hard work and tactical acumen isn’t bad but lawyers, especially the young ones, must bear in mind that monetary benefits must not be the sole driving force. As mentioned above, Law is a noble profession. There are times when ordinary people cannot afford the exorbitant fee of lawyers, so that is when lawyers must step up and no let the financial inadequacy of such people rob them of the justice. The democracy of the nation and the reputation of the Judiciary enhance manifold when even the people of limited or no means are able to get justice Irish solicitors. Layers have an important role to play in coming to rescue to such people and helping & guiding them with felicity. The Indian Constitution lucidly states that no person should be denied the justice because of lack of money. Every person, irrespective of their caste, religion, education and financial status is entitled to get justice in the court of Law. This spirit of Constitution can only be safeguarded when lawyers of formidable standing and erudition come forward and lend their support to this cause. India is a diverse country where the wealth is not equally distributed. A lot of people from rural areas or from small towns are not even aware of their fundamental rights and legal solutions. Lack of knowledge about Law is another major deterrent that prevents them from approaching courts. To sort out this issue, lawyers must organize legal camps in various parts of the country to disseminate insights about Law. College of Law and Governance (CLG), a part of Mody University, instills these values and ethics in students so that they not only become crackerjack lawyers but also have a humane outlook to uphold the true spirit of Law. That is the reason CLG is deemed as one of the Best Law Colleges in India and arguably the Best Law College in Rajasthan.

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