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Questions To Consider Before Purchasing A Case Management Software

If you own or run a legal practice, it’s likely you’ve heard your associates talking about case management software. This type of software assists legal firms in keeping their data and staff organized. If you’re convinced that case management software is a much-needed investment for your law firm, here are some questions you should consider helping you identify what specific software brand is right for you.

One of the main mistakes that law firms make when picking a case management software is disregarding the support network. In the event that you need help in setting up your software or fixing a problem that arises in the future, you want to have a support network to help. The brand of software that you purchase will come with its own support network. You must assess how good the network is. Are they available 24/7? Will they charge you a fee? Don’t forget about this necessary component of picking a good case management software as you could regret your decision later down the road when you don’t get the help that you need.

Programs that are good for using your mobile devices and your law practice management software is a must. You want to ensure that the software you purchase is mobile-friendly. There’s nothing worse than not being able to access the information you need from your phone when you’re on the go. Talk with the product manufacturer to see how well their program works on mobile devices. Ask them if any tasks are unable to be done or applications restricted on mobile devices.

Customization is the key to making your practice run more efficiently. One program is not going to work for every single law firm out there. Each firm has their own practices. Case management software is meant to automate your regular duties. You want to purchase a software that is highly customizable to your firm. You want the software to conform to you, not the other way around. It’s a good idea to evaluate multiple software brands as you may find that some are much more customizable than others.

Depending on the software that you purchase, you may have a limit on the number of users it can support. For example, you may have to purchase an additional license from the manufacturer to get access for 10 or more employees to use the system. You should ask ahead of time so you know if there will be any additional fees that will come along with your purchase. You want everyone in your company to be able to access the software from both the office and on the go. This requires multiple different access points. Talk with a potential software provider to see if they have cloud hosting and if they offer unlimited access.

Purchasing a legal case management software can be a great investment for any sized law firm. However, the effectiveness of the program is going to highly depend on the software brand that you purchase. You should take all the above questions into consideration before deciding on what software program to invest in for your company.


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