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The Brick Came Out of Nowhere

You just had a fight with your best friend. You stopped for a couple of drinks to try and figure out what went wrong in the conversation, but you decided there was no easy answer. You grabbed your keys, headed out to the car, and started home when all of a sudden, something hit your window hard enough to crack it. You pulled to the side, unsure of what else you should do, and your car plowed into a parked car. You could hear some kids laughing and saying, “That was the best one yet.” When the police arrived at the scene, they agreed something was thrown over the overpass, and then they arrested you for intoxication. Now what?

Normal Course of the Day

You could fight and throw a tantrum, but for those working in the arrest center of the jail system, that is just a normal course of the day. Instead, be polite, ask for a lawyer, and allow the officers to formally arrest you. Fingerprints, photographs, and giving up your personal items is probably next. Once it is all formal, you get moved to a cell.

Arraignment Explains It All

During the arraignment, you will meet with a judge that will explain to you what you are charged with, the seriousness of your crime, and how much your bail will be. At this point, you will probably be allowed to contact someone to help you obtain bail from the Lancaster County bail bonds. From here, it is all a waiting game.

Courthouse Blues Come Too Often

Once you are out of jail, don’t try to find the kids that damaged your vehicle, let your lawyer do that. Stay out of jail, stay out of trouble, and stay out of bars until the issue is settled, and you don’t have any more court appointments to attend.

You may have only been at the wrong place at the right time, but that doesn’t matter. Remember to stay in contact with the court system and your lawyer.

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