Legal Adviser Help Law  The perfect service offered by the trust and litigation lawyer

The perfect service offered by the trust and litigation lawyer

Conflicts around ownership, division, appropriation, sale, donation of property are a common reason for contacting a lawyer. Many people believe that “wealth is not in talent, but in property,” therefore they are ready to go all the way in conflict situations, sometimes developing into confrontations with the use of force.

Property disputes concern tangible assets: cash, movable and immovable property. When considering them, there is a need to solve a number of issues that are associated with special knowledge in the field of jurisprudence.

Competent Attorneys of barr& young lawyers are ready to support you in such a situation, increasing the chances of a successful outcome of events, and reducing the cost of your nerves and time.

What issues does a property dispute resolution lawyer deal with?

The practice of lawyers of barr& young lawyerscovers a wide range of problems associated with legal contradictions around property.

Property disputes are resolved with favorable results for clients due to in-depth knowledge of judicial practice in this industry and constant monitoring of current changes in legislation.

Providing qualified assistance of lawyers in property disputes, barr& young lawyerworks in the following areas:

  • Lawyer consulting.
  • Familiarization with the case materials and legal assessment of the evidence base.
  • Formation of a legal position on the resolution of a property dispute.
  • Participation in pre-trial negotiations (an attempt to resolve a dispute on mutually beneficial grounds).
  • Development of a claim (in some cases, an effective step before filing a claim).
  • Preparation of a statement of claim, revocation, objection to a claim, other necessary legal documents for the trial.
  • Development of a counterclaim (collection and execution of a complete package of documents).
  • Representation in court of all instances.
  • Appeal against a court decision in the appeal, cassation instance.
  • The seizure of the debtor’s property as security for the claim.

Assistance at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

What services are provided by property lawyers?

The experience of the lawyers of barr& young lawyersincludes an impressive number of successfully resolved disputes, different in subject matter and degree of complexity.

In connection with the status of a lawyer, there is the possibility of using procedural rights, for example, filing a lawyer’s request, requesting the necessary documents or information.

All confidential information obtained during the preparation of materials and during the consideration of the case will under no circumstances be available to unauthorized persons and is a lawyer’s secret.

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