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Using Humor in the Workplace Like John Branca, Attorney

College prepares you for the rigors of your career, but life lessons and knowing how to handle unique situations are just as important when dealing with conflict and the daily stress of deadlines and employee management. Learning how to use your sense of humor has many workplace benefits.

Client Humor

Having a sense of humor in your career can bring business to you. When everyone you meet is a potential client, you can use laughter to break the ice and create comfortable conversations that can lead to business meetings. It is a great way to establish and build relationships.

Keeping your customers happy can be hard work, and healthy client relationships are vital to your business. As John Branca Attorney, can attest, sometimes unusual circumstances happen, and using wit can diffuse a tense situation and put things into perspective while maintaining professionalism.


John Branca on Being a Music Lawyer from John Branca on Vimeo.

Office Humor

It is just as easy to spread happiness as it is negativity. Establish a light-hearted environment with your co-workers through fun banter. Laughter in the workplace also creates social bonds and makes you and others feel more comfortable enhancing an open and creative atmosphere.

As the boss, being whimsical will make you more likable and approachable while maintaining respect from your employees. Keeping your staff and office atmosphere happy will increase production. When deadlines get tight and tempers rise, maintaining a light-hearted environment will ease anxieties and create smoother and timelier results. It can also reverse a conflict situation and allow you to state your concern or opinion without offense and create a bonding relationship.

Perception of Humor

An effective balance of humor gives an individual the perception of confidence, competence, and stature. Those with an ability to set people at ease are often looked at for leadership roles. Not all work situations are funny, and overdoing it or not being appropriate will backfire and show the opposite perceptions instead. You can’t work with a class clown all day, and it could get you in trouble.

You spend a great deal of time working, and the people you work with become a part of your daily life. Establishing good relationships and a healthy work environment proves to benefit you and your co-workers. Deadlines, conflicts, and client interactions can create daily stresses, but knowing how to diffuse these situations through humor can create better relationships and solutions.

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