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What to Do If Your Uber Crashes

Getting around by Uber has become quite the common practice nowadays. It provides people with a quick and convenient option, and allows them to travel in the comfort of a private vehicle rather than public transportation – which can be quite crowded. Not only that, but public transit has set schedules and routes, and these may not coincide with your needs. All in all, Ubers have proven to be extremely advantageous across a number of cities and towns in the country.

But that happens if the unexpected takes place and your Uber gets in a car accident? What should you do in that situation? Here are some basic tips and pieces of advice that can help.

Check for Any Injuries – Call 911 If Necessary

The very first step to take after an accident while riding in an Uber, is to check for any injuries. If any person involved in the accident has been injured – in your car, another vehicle, or a pedestrian – you’ll need to call 911 immediately. Safety and well-being needs to be the top priority. While all this is going on, it’s important to stay calm as you wait for the paramedics and help to arrive.

It’s Time to Collect Information

Even though you aren’t the driver, it’s important to get as much information as possible after an accident. This includes the names of all involved, their contact information, and their insurance information. The Uber driver may tell you that everything insurance-wise is ‘covered by Uber’, but it’s still important that you get his/her personal insurance information and contact information.

Document Your Evidence

Should the accident require police to come to the scene, a police report will obviously be written up. You can then access this report if needed for a claim. At the same time, it’s wise to make your own documentation of the accident. Take as many photos as possible with your smartphone, making sure you get close shots of damage to vehicles, property, and if you have any physical injuries to your body. You can also take pictures of the license plates involved. All of this information can be used if you are to file a claim.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

You will most likely want to contact a car accident attorney as soon after the accident as possible. Be sure to look for an Uber/Lyft accident attorney that has experience with these rideshare companies and their insurance providers. Hiring an attorney means they will look after all the paperwork and fight on your behalf so you can get fair compensation.

So, how soon after an accident should you contact an attorney? Experts suggest that as soon as you are stable – medically – and the appropriate first responders are on the scene and looking after things, you can contact an attorney. You want to speak with them while all the details are still fresh in your mind.

Should the Uber you are riding in be involved in an accident, it can be a very scary and stressful situation. Using these steps will ensure you make all the right moves.

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