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What to do when someone hits your parked car

Are you the most careful driver you can think of? If yes, this does not mean that your car cannot be involved in an accident. Your car can be hot from behind while in the parking car. It is frustrating to walk into a mall for a few minutes only to come back toa damaged car. Whenever your car has been hit, you need to know what to do before you have it repaired.

If someone hit your parked car, there are two options that they can take. The first and courteous action to take is t leave a note explaining what happened. In the note, they should include their contacts so that you can call them to discuss compensation. The other thing that the wrongdoer can do is run away without a trace.

The actions you should take after someone hits your parked car depends on the choice taken by the other party. If they left their contact information, the case would be an easy one to handle. If they did not leave any information, it is up to you to pay for the damages or engage the insurance company.

If you choose to involve the insurance company, the process might not be an easy one. For instance, you will have to prove that your car was legally parked. In that case, involving the police is inevitable. This means that the first step you should take is to report the case to the authorities. Once you have reported and have proof that your car was legally parked, you can reach out to your insurance company for compensation.

Negotiating a fair amount of compensation with the insurance company might not be an easy task. Therefore, you will need a personal injury attorney to help you get a fair amount. Once insurance companies realize that a lawyer represents you, they will be willing to negotiate a fair deal. If you decide to do it without a lawyer, the compensation might take ages. You can also end up getting a small amount, which is not enough to cover for the damage caused.

The best way to prevent your car from being hit while in the parking lot is to use car parking services or valet. The drivers are qualified in their job, and they aim to keep your car safe. Therefore, if you use their parking lot, you can be assured that no one will hit your car. However, these services are not always available in every building that you need to visit. In most buildings, you will be required to park your car, thus putting it at the risk of being hit by careless drivers. This means you should be aware of what to do when your car is hit from behind.

If you hit another person’s car in the parking lot, it is advisable for you to leave them a note with your contact information. Given the current technological advancements, the chances are high that the parking lot has surveillance cameras. Therefore, running away puts at the risk of being convicted. It is best to solve the matter with the car’s owner instead of being taken to court for a crime that you ran away from.

Additionally, when you hit a car, the first thing you should think of is getting a lawyer to help you negotiate with your insurance company. In some cases, the insurance companies might take longer to process the claims. In such a case, you might have t pay the victim suing your money because they need to have their car fixed as soon as possible. It is always advisable to consider the consequences of your options after the accident.



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