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Why You Need a Professional for Your Deposition Summaries

Deposition summaries are vital documents for any trial since they simplify the findings for the attorneys to help plead the client’s case. They are necessary for personal injuries, patent infringement, medical malpractice, and other fields.

Many law firms hire experts to help with drafting this document, and the following reasons explain why.


Summarizing a deposition can be tasking, and in-house staff usually spend a lot of time getting it done and checking that it is accurate. Luckily, outsourcing deposition summaries to professionals eases the burden.

The employees can now redirect their focus to other matters in the office. You will get the job done perfectly and faster, unlike delegating it to the staff.

Reduced Costs

Asking an expert to handle deposition summaries is cheaper than having an employee do it. Besides paying the staff members’ salaries, you also cater for training, software and other related aspects.

Outsourcing eliminates all these costs, which saves your firm a lot of money that can go to other programs. It can save 30-50% of the usual summarizing expenses, making it a go-to for most starting companies.


There is no room for mistakes when it comes to drafting deposition summaries. They are vital to the case, and it is essential to capture all required data. Summarizing involves going through transcripts and recordings, taking hours, and increasing the chances of errors.

Hiring experts eliminate these risks because the dedicated team proofreads and submits a high-quality, error-free document. They complete everything on time and use their skills to make the final document accurate.


One of the best aspects of legal support services is bringing other people on board, sometimes with more experience. They come with years of expertise in litigation matters and possess an excellent command of spoken and written English.

You are sure of handing tasks over to people with a proper understanding of writing deposition summaries in various formats. They can quickly pinpoint important details from transcripts and capture them in the summaries.

More Time To Prepare for Trials

You summarize transcripts to find the information you need to use in the trial. If you hire a professional team to handle it, you can have more time to prepare for your deposition because they will deliver a timely and accurate summary.

They will identify the key areas to capture and narrow it all down to the facts that can help you win the case. You can therefore plan better since you have all the information you need.

Hire a Professional To Handle Your Deposition Summaries

You can relieve your in-house staff of the duties and outsource the writing of deposition summaries. It is cheaper, saves a lot of company time, and reduces the chances of errors thanks to their expertise. It also gives the in-house team more time to prepare for trials.

Author bio- Sheila LaCivita got paralegal degree with distinction from UCLA and has been helping lawyers with deposition summaries. She wants to share her knowledge and experience with others.

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