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Available Damages After A Car Collision in California

Safety is your top concern when you get on the road. You are a careful and conscientious driver. You follow the rules and regulations of the road and do not take unnecessary chances when you drive. This is not the practice of everyone who has a driver’s license and a motor vehicle. In fact, many drivers are outright dangerous. If you have been harmed in a collision with such a person, you must preserve your rights and pursue your material interests. Only a car accident lawyer can bring you the kind of insight and representation you need to achieve this goal.

Getting Through the Worst Day of Your Life

You may do everything right and still be forced to deal with the consequences of a car accident. It is impossible to predict when such an event will occur. All you can do is prepare for it. If you are in a car accident, it will probably be the worst day, or one of the worst days, of your life. Here are some tips for getting through it:

1. Take control—if you can

A serious car accident will leave you severely injured. You may suffer bleeding, broken bones, and internal injuries. You may even be knocked unconscious and be unable to remember anything just after the accident. In this situation, it is impossible for you to do anything on the scene.

In a minor car accident, you will have mobility and consciousness. You will be perfectly aware of what happened and you will be able to do something about it. In other words, a minor accident leaves you with the ability to take control of the situation.

The first thing you should do is call emergency services. If you have passengers, you should verify their physical status. You should then go over to the other driver, check their status, and give them your insurance info.

2. Talk to the police—honestly but carefully

When the police arrive at the scene, you should answer their questions. However, you should not tell them anything that suggests you are to blame for the accident. If the officer asks you a question that you are uncomfortable answering, you can tell them that you would rather consult with a car accident lawyer before responding. You have this right and the police officer must respect it.

3. Document the accident

There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of the damaged vehicles. In fact, you should make a point of doing so. Try to take pictures from as many angles as you can. This kind of fresh evidence collection from the scene can only be done right after the accident. You should not trust the police to do it. You are better off doing it yourself.

4. Go to the hospital—really, go to the hospital

The trouble with minor accidents is that they may tempt you into believing you can go straight home after you are finished at the scene. This is a mistake. No matter how good you feel after the collision, you should go to the hospital for an examination. The fact is you do not know what the sudden jolting experience of a car accident has done to your body until you receive a medical examination. The medical professionals you visit may be able to see something that you do not. In any case, you will need the results of such an assessment if you are to make a claim against the driver later on.

5. Speak to a lawyer

If your vehicle has sustained damaged and you have been hurt in an accident, there will be car repair and medical bills. If the other driver caused the accident, you should make a claim against them. Before proceeding, you will need to speak to a California personal injury lawyer.

Dealing with the Worst Tragedy of Your Life

The advice above applies to anyone who has been in a minor accident. If you have been in a serious accident, the issues are much more complex. You will be rushed to the hospital, where you will need to undergo extensive treatment. In the most severe accidents, you will may need to go through a succession of surgeries to get you on the path to health. You will then need to spend some time in rehabilitation and taking medication. All this costs money. Not only will you have large medical bills, you will also need to find a way to make up the income you have lost.

If the injuries you sustained have left you with a permanent disability, you may be forced to give up your livelihood. You may also need to hire an in-home care professional. Living with a lifetime disability is not only a physical and psychological burden, it is also a financial one. Your family will also suffer from your injury, especially if you were the sole breadwinner.

You should not be left alone to deal with such a tragedy. The person who caused the accident should be made to pay you compensation.

The Damages You Are Entitled To

In most instances, the insurance company of the other driver will be on the hook for settling your claims. They may make an early move to offer you a settlement. This initial offer is likely to be well below what your case is worth and you should not accept it. In fact, you should refer the insurance company to your California personal injury lawyer. It is best to let your attorney handle all communication and negotiation with the insurance company. It will prevent you from saying or doing something that undermines your case.

Here are some of the damages you are entitled to:

-Medical expenses, including bills for ambulance services, surgery, rehabilitation, and medication

-Lost wages

-Loss of potential earnings

-Repair or replacement of your vehicle

-Pain and suffering

-Emotional and psychological trauma

-Loss of enjoyment of life

The Only Person You Can Trust

The main aim of the insurance company will be to minimize the amount of money they must pay out. The only goal of your California car accident attorney is to get you the most money possible. Your lawyer is the only one you can trust. They will get you the compensation and justice that you and your family deserve.

The California car accident attorney you hire will need to build a case against the other driver. To this end, they will employ a private investigation team. The latter will go to where the accident took place and recover any video camera footage of it. They will also track down the people who witnessed the accident and take statements from them. They may find someone who caught the entire event on their cell phone camera, which can go a long way toward helping your case. Your lawyer will also review your medical records and bring in an independent medical expert to evaluate your injuries and the debilitating effects they have had on you.

All of this will be used to pressure the insurance company into offering you a settlement that is fair, adequate and reasonable. If you have been in a car accident, you should contact West Coast Trial Lawyers for additional information and attorneys/lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers.


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