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Required Training for Birmingham Bail Bondsmen

If you enjoy having a challenging yet rewarding career, the bail bonds industry might be just what you’re looking for. You’ll not only build your professional career but also experience dramatic growth in your personal endeavors. Birmingham bail bondsmen play an essential role in helping defendants in Alabama to secure their freedom while awaiting trial. As a bail bondsman, you’ll be providing a financial guarantee to and assuring the court that the defendant will show up to court for their trial. Therefore, if that sounds like an exciting career for you, below is the required training for those who want to become a bail bondsman Birmingham AL.

Evaluate personal qualifications

Perhaps the first thing you want to do even before you start training to become Birmingham’s bail bondsman is to evaluate personal qualifications. You have to carry out a quick assessment or evaluation of yourself to determine whether you qualify to start training. Some of the personal qualifications for training include:

  1. Must be 18 years and above
  2. Must be Alabama resident
  3. No felony convictions/convictions related to crimes of moral turpitude
  4. Must not have violated any provisions of the state Rules of Criminal Procedure pertaining to bonds
  5. Must have the financial capacity to fulfill the necessary financial obligations to borrowers
  6. Must not have outstanding forfeitures caused by a surety undertaking

Compete Alabama educational/training requirements

Now that you’ve assessed yourself and ascertained that you’ve met the minimum requirements to start training to become a bail bondsman in Birmingham, you should complete the required training. You must first complete a 20-hour pre-licensing course before you can take the licensing exam. There are three state-certified schools in the city and you can pursue this course in any one of them. Some of the things you’ll cover in the course include the language of bail, starting a bail company, history of suretyship, arrest and release, contract, fulfilling the obligation, collateral and indemnity, criminal defendant bond, and forfeitures and judgments among others. You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing your course. Prospective bail bondsmen must complete the pre-licensing course before they can proceed to sit for their licensing exam.

Take the State Licensing Exam

Now that you have your Certificate of Completion, you’re qualified to sit for your licensing exam. The Alabama State Insurance Provider exam comprises 50 questions which the examinee must complete within 60 minutes. The questions are from the 9 modules covered in the pre-licensing training course. An examinee must get a minimum score of 35 out of the possible 50 to pass the exam. There are various testing centers throughout Alabama and applications may register to sit for their exam in any of them.

Apply for a license

Once you have the relevant training, it is time to apply for a license to enable you to start practicing. You can do this via the National Insurance Provider Registry website, where you’ll be required to pay a $60 fee using your credit card online. You’ll have to mail your documentation, including Certificate of Completion, to the State Department of Insurance.

So, if you want to be a bail bondsman in Birmingham, you’ll have to meet certain minimum requirements before you qualify for the pre-licensing course. Prospective bondsmen should also take the State licensing exam before they can apply for a license.

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