Legal Adviser Help Legal Advice Scarlett Law Group A Team of Brain Injury Attorney You Can Trust

Scarlett Law Group A Team of Brain Injury Attorney You Can Trust

Scarlett Law Group A Team of Brain Injury Attorney You Can Trust

The Scarlett Law Group is one of the country’s most distinguishedlaw firms, especially for litigation in cases involving spinal cord, wrongful death, catastrophic personal injuries, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). In fact, the firm has achieved a reputation for having niche expertise in traumatic brain injury cases. The founder of the firm, Randall H. Scarlett is a board member of the Brain Injury Association of America. In 2006 and 2010, he was in contention for Trial Lawyer of the Year award, chosen as one of the finalists by San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association. In 2009, he was awarded as one of the Attorneys of the Year by San Francisco legal publication, The Recorder.

Difficulties in fighting for a TBI victim would be better understood if we have a look at the following: Undetectable nature of traumatic brain injury As TBI does not get detected easily, most victims end up going through their life without getting the right treatment. Physical injury and cognitive impairment caused by a TBI is not even reported to them by their medical caregivers. Only a lucky few are informed about the cause of their cognitive impairment by a health care professional who validates the injury. As the victims of a TBI often do not look any different from what they were before the injury, they fail to realize the reason behind their social isolation and alienation from even close family members. They do not know that injury to their head has disabled their ability to process information at the usual speed. Some other complications of TBI include stifled communication, clouding of judgment, common occurrence of headaches, and difference in smell and taste compared to pre-injury days. Some patients can show violent behavior as a result of frustration of not responding in a normal manner. As no law firm in California dedicates as much of professional and personal time of their lawyers as Scarlett Law Group, the results the agency has achieved really showcase it as the best for traumatic brain injury cases. One of the factors that set apart the lawyers of Scarlett Law Group from the rest is their willingness to take the guilty party to trial. This speaks volumes about the confidence their lawyers have in achieving verdicts for their clients. The following results speak for themselves. Verdict – $49,123,375.87 for traumatic brain caused by a rig accident

Verdict – $26,053,000.00 for inability to diagnose meningitis Verdict – $22,800,000.00 for brain of a moderate nature Verdict – $10,651,423.13 for traumatic brain caused by an auto accident

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