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The Unbelievable Things Car Insurance Covers

People take some things for granted, and one of them is reading the finer details of insurance policy coverage. For example, if you take the time to understand your unexpected auto insurance coverage, you’ll see the amazing things that it covers. Below is an overview of unexpected insurance coverage that you may be unfamiliar with.

1.What Unexpected Auto Insurance Covers

Unexpected Motor Vehicle insurance coverage may include;

  • Travel expenses
  • Pets
  • Pedestrians
  • Meteors
  • Lost wages
  • Detailing
  • Car Rental Reimbursement
  1. Travel Expenses After Car Damage

After a car accident, you may incur unbudgeted costs, including travel, accommodation, meals, and so on, as you’re making your way back home. Lucky you, if you already have travel expense coverage, it’ll set in when your car is damaged, and as a result, you cannot drive it. Your collision and comprehensive insurance will cover the expenses, especially if the accident happened 50 miles or more away from your residence. But note that the policy only covers what’s stipulated in your plan; the pre-determined coverage.

  1. Pets

Several auto insurers may also have ‘paw protection’ for pet injury coverage. Insurances will pay for the pet if it’s hurt in an accident, including vet treatment charges.


You can also claim any car damages owing to falling objects that can hit your vehicle if you’ve got comprehensive car insurance.

  1. Pedestrians

If an uninsured driver hits a child pedestrian, the insured vehicle coverage will also come into effect to offer coverage for the injured person. Although the child isn’t listed on the auto insurance, they can still be covered under the ” family members residing in the same household clause.”

  1. Lost Wages

When you’re involved in a devastating accident, you become immobilized to continue working, and as a result, you lose your income. The liability auto-insurance can cover the lost earnings for the time you spent in the hospital, and any future lost income due to the sustained injuries.

Additionally, if the injury was so severe that you can’t work anymore, you can receive the lost wages for a lifetime, according to the law. Note that the policy has a limit to what it can pay you.

  1. Car Detailing

If your car is no longer appealing to you for whatever reason, you can use your unexpected insurance coverage for car detailing. For example, if the car interior smells awful because of cigarette smoke, etc., you can take it to a detailer, who’ll use specialized tools and equipment to give your car a top-to-bottom cleaning. Your car insurance coverage will take care of the bill.

  1. Car Rental Reimbursement

It’s an ideal policy, especially if you’ve taken your motor vehicle for repairs. The car rental reimbursement coverage will repay you the costs that you incur when you rent a car to remain mobile while it is under repairs. You’ll receive the reimbursement amount as indicated in your insurance plan, including the daily and total compensation amount. But if you choose to rent a car that’ll cost you more than your policy, you’ll have to pay the difference.

In conclusion, unexpected insurance coverage has several benefits, such as providing financial protection from travel expenses, car detailing, lost wages, and more.

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