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Cochlear Implant Attorneys vs. Cochlear Implant Lawyers

If you have recently had an issue with a defective cochlear implant, you may be wondering what to do now.  Even of you have already had the implant removed, your first step should be to contact a cochlear implant attorney or lawyer.  However, the question now may be which one to choose.

Cochlear Implant Attorneys

Cochlear implant attorneys are attorneys that have not only trained and educated in law, but has also practiced in court.  They may be more beneficial if you have compensation or something serious on the line, as they are required to practice in a court of law.

Cochlear Implant Lawyers

Cochlear implant lawyers have also completed law school and passed the bar exam, however, you don’t have to practice law in court to be considered a lawyer. Lawyers may take on roles as consultants or advisors. A cochlear implant lawyer may be useful to provide advice and consultation before seeking cochlear implant attorneys.

Why would I need cochlear implant attorneys or lawyers?

Painful shocking sensations have been reported with cochlear implant recalls.  However, there are many other things that can go wrong with a defective cochlear implant, which is why it would be beneficial to contact a cochlear implant attorney or lawyer.

  • Loss of communication and hearing
  • Social isolation
  • Balance issues
  • Frustration of periods of on and off functionality before the device fails entirely

Many of these defects can actually snowball and create worse effects.  It starts with loss of communication and hearing and that will lead to social isolation.  Social isolation can cause depression and anxiety.  This is not something you want to brush off, especially if the user is a child.

Additionally, balance issues could also lead to falls and hospital visits.  Hiring a cochlear implant lawyer or attorney could potentially stop any injuries.

Don’t wait

Even if you’ve already had a cochlear implant removed, you could still gain compensation with the help of cochlear implant attorneys.  The manufacturer of the defective device will have to perform a series of tests in order to determine the reason the device failed.  It is absolutely critical that you contact the cochlear implant attorneys as soon as you can once this happens.

Time is of the essence because you have a limited time to file after the device is removed due to applicable statutes of limitation.  That’s why knowing the difference between cochlear attorneys and lawyers would be extremely beneficial.  It would cut down on time wasted.

Author bio- Barbara Parson has been involved with personal injury and burn injury lawsuits for the past twelve years and wants to share her knowledge with others.

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