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Dangerous Drug Trexall

Dangerous Drug Trexall

Even when a medication is effective in treating a medical condition, it could still be considered a potentially dangerous drug. Anytime serious or life-threatening side effects are a possibility, extreme caution needs to be exercised when prescribing the medication and monitoring the patient. One such drug that could result in severe complications is Trexall. The generic name for this drug is methotrexate but it’s also known by the brand name Rheumatrex. It is used to treat a variety of conditions associated with high rates of cell growth. This includes psoriasis, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Dangerous Drug Interactions with Trexall Certain types of drugs could cause a harmful reaction when taken with Trexall. For example, drugs that impact the liver or kidneys could cause harmful interactions. The combination increases the chance of toxicity in the liver or kidneys. Bone marrow toxicity is also increased when Trexall is taken with trimethoprim/sulfa-methoxazole. And there could be severe adverse events affecting the kidneys or liver when nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are taken before or during the treatment of Trexall. Dangerous Side Effects of Trexall In addition to the potential harmful interactions with Trexall and other medications, the drug itself could cause serious side effects. It should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing. The risks to an unborn baby are miscarriage and birth defects. But men could also experience sperm abnormalities when taking Trexall prior to planning conception. Use of this drug should be stopped at least three months beforehand. The same is true for women who are planning to become pregnant; they should talk to their doctors who may recommend stopping the drug at least before one ovulatory cycle. Side effects associated with Trexall are: low white blood cell counts; hair loss; ulcerative stomatitis; malignant lymphomas; fatal skin reactions; upset stomach; mouth sores; drowsiness; headache; and rash. Because of some of the other possible side effects that are more serious, those who take this drug should have their blood marrow, liver and kidneys regularly monitored through blood tests.

Liability for Injuries or Illness Caused by Trexall There are various ways a doctor or another healthcare provider could be liable when someone is injured or becomes ill after taking the drug. For example, a doctor could be liable if he or she fails to discuss the risks with the patient. Failing to do so could prevent the individual from deciding not to take it, especially if there are plans to become pregnant or the individual already has a liver condition. Of course, this also means that doctors who fail to take into account a person’s medical history and current health may be liable when it’s shown to be the cause of someone’s serious injuries. Or a doctor who fails to properly monitor a patient on Trexall, not recognizing signs of complications, could be found responsible for resulting physical harm.

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