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Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit For A Firearm Accident

Each year, over 28,000 people die as a result of gunshot wounds. Many businesses care deeply about the safety of their employees, and therefore implement safety-first processes in their factories and other locations. However, accidents do occur, such as firearm accidents caused by human mistake, carelessness, or other factors. Let’s elaborate a little about firearm accidents and personal injury cases, with advice from Hensley Legal Group, PC.

The basically there are three most popular way that firearms kill or hurt people:

  • Homicides
  • Suicide
  • Inadvertent discharge


A firearm discharged accidently or unintentionally frequently injures or kills people. Accidental firearm discharges are caused by a variety of factors such as defective manufacture. The single-action revolver (old model) are examples of guns that have not been recalled despite being defective. Because these faulty products are still being sold, future cases of unintentional discharge are very likely.

Unintentional discharge of a firearm can happen when the gun is being handled incorrectly (by a kid or other untrained individual, for example), when a handgun is shipped in a car or truck, or in a variety of other situations. Many times, inadequate training and carelessness are the main reason for such accidents.

Other factors that contribute to firearm mishaps include:

  • Poor maintenance can result in a buildup of debris that can cause the gun to explode when fired.
  • When firing at a firm surface, the parts of the surface may ricochet, injuring the person operating the gun or bystanders.
  • Use of reloaded or remanufactured ammunition, also ammunition of the incorrect caliber or size.
  • Due to a confused judgement, shooting when inebriated may result in erroneous firearms use.

There are further dangers involved with shooting a firearm that are not related to firearm accidents. For example, discharging a pistol in a poorly ventilated place raises the danger of lead poisoning, which can result in birth abnormalities and other hazardous injuries. In an hazardous industry lack of ventilation is the key reason for many accidents and deaths.

Though the companies follow all the safety norms, sometimes the accidents do take place due to human errors. In such cases, if you or your loved ones are affected by a firearm accident, look out for a personal injury attorney to file a legal case against the company for legal remedy and proper compensation for the injury you incurred.


In case you or a family member is injured by a firearm, you should get legal advice from a personal injury lawsuit attorney. Personal injury attorneys can focus properly on your legal points that will help you win the case. It will be a wrong decision if you try to file a lawsuit on your own without an attorney. The reason is if you try on your own, you may not know all the legal points to include in your argument, on the other hand an expert personal injury lawyer can do it properly on your behalf.

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