Legal Adviser Help Private Investigation Do Private Investigators Have Police Powers?

Do Private Investigators Have Police Powers?

Do Private Investigators Have Police Powers?

Police is considered as the major force to maintain the law and order in any part of the country. They are provided with the special powers to deal with the crimes, criminals and frauds. Among this power, they have the rights to suspect, interrogate and question any citizen and at the same time they can appeal the court to detain or arrest or extent the custody to get the secret information about any crime case. They can exercise their special power and rights on any common person, celebrities, dignitaries or politicians and ministers. No one can get the escape if the person is involved in any kind of illegal or corrupt practices. This enables them to maintain the law and order in the country. Excluding police, no one is given these special rights and powers to exercise on the citizens. Even private investigator that helps in providing the clues of any case to the police, are also not provided with same powers. Role of private investigator

A private investigator is a person who investigates the case for any individual, business and organization. They work with attorney in most of the criminal and civil case or on behalf of a client or defense attorney. Sometimes, these investigators are helpful in investigation the suspicious insurance claims for any individual or company. They are hired to the retrieve clues and proofs of any adultery. They take up the task of complete back ground check, skip tracing, process servers, surveillances and many cases they conduct the pre or post marital affair verifications, Present role of these people provide more access to investigate the employment screening, corporate espionage and undercover operations. In the present preview, they are taking up the cases of computer investigation where thy uses the computer forensics to reveal the information. In addition now a day’s people are hiring the armed investigators for their personal security .This trend has made most of reputed people, celebrities and dignitaries to employ the private investigators for their personal purposes. Governments of many states have brought out certain strict rules and regulations to govern and regulate this industry. Most of the surveillance requires up to date knowledge and handling capabilities of these private industry. Legal or criminal cases are also one of the leading fields of the private investigators where they can sustain to bring remarkable results. They are quite helpful in working with the law enforcement agencies and legal firms to solve most of the typical cases. Huge experience in critical cases is increasing their professionalism and expertise. They are able to ensure the clients with their trustful results. Do private investigators have police powers? A private investigator is only an investigator who is issued with the license from the state or central government to carry out investigation for clients which could be attorneys, insurance companies and individuals, who require the investigation for some purpose.

These private investigators work with the police for taking assistance in most of the case to conduct raids and arrests. But individually these private investigators have no such power as the police do have to take up raids or arrests work. It’s not possible for them to get the police power since they are not provided with special rights and powers by the state or central government to carry out the law and order maintenance work. They can ask for the assistance from the police to give them protection in the event of carry out investigation tasks. It shows that they do serve for the police to deal with the rising crimes and corruptions. Conclusion It is now very clear from the facts that private investigators are not having any police power which are issued to the police from the government to control the law and order in the country. But private investigators only do have the license issued by the government to carry out investigations on corporate investigation, insurance frauds and verifications.

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