Legal Adviser Help Trademarks How to Protectintellectual Property by Registering Trademarks?

How to Protectintellectual Property by Registering Trademarks?

How to Protectintellectual Property by Registering Trademarks?

With the rapid development of economic in the world and increased competition, the competition of intellectual property continues to incandescence. For enterprises, the protection of intellectual property rights is to protect the vitality of enterprises. As an important part of the intangible assets, the trademark registration has become one of the most direct and effective way of corporate intellectual property protection. Therefore, the company should register trademarks as soon as possible, strengthen the protection of intangible assets and form a protective strategy without delay. Registering trademarks as soon as possible to build a “firewall” Squatting on the market of flooding abusive registration of trademarks, the enterprises still feel powerless to curb those behaviors. Therefore, registering trademarks as soon as possible and enhancing trademark protection aim to build a “firewall” of corporate intellectual property protection without delay. Therefore, enterprises should proceed to the trademark registration upon brand promoting, because trademark rights protection is the most economical. Expand the scope of trademark exclusive rights (Including overseas trademark registration) With the continuous expansion of brand awareness, companies need to focus on applying for the well-known trademark and expanding the scope of the trademark the exclusive rights. Especially for those multinational corporations, a timely manner trademarks registering is a powerful weapon to seize the overseas markets and develop products business. Such as companies need to enter into China mainland, Hong Kong and other relevant nations or regions for business development, they could consider to registering a Chinese trademark, Hong Kong trademark, Madrid trademark and EU trademark, etc. And extend the intellectual property protection to a larger area. For example, registering trademarks of Madrid , the European Union and other regions , you can only fill in a foreign trademark application , you can obtain the specified one or more categories of goods and the rights of trademark protection in a number of Member States. Meanwhile, trademarks registration of such regional alliances can be integrated by using a language completing the application form, without the application being translated into each language of the relevant designated to protect national. In terms of cost, you needn’t pay respectively to each country of the alliance countries by registered EU or Madrid. The registration fee is less than the cost of registration respectively to each country, which can minimize the cost and maximize rights of trademark protection. In addition, submitting an application for registration of the same trademark in the six months prior to the submission of the application , applicants who have the same goods or services in a Paris Convention country or WTO member countries will be eligible for trademark registration priority and may enjoy different goods or services lists the claimed priority date. Multiple strategy of trademark protection The enterprises should take multiple strategy of trademark protection according to their situation. You can take registration of different categories in different fields to maximize the protection scope. Registering the same trademark in the products related categories and may involved categories. For example, Facebook registered their 61 trademarks in China including Facebook, Lianshu, lianpu and so on, which can minimize the risk of trademark abusive registration after they develop Chinese market.

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