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What to do if you are hit by a drunk driver?

In spite of the Increasing number of cases  of drunk driving,  there are numerous people who still make the wrong decision of sitting behind the driving wheel after drinking. Have you ever been involved in an accident where you have been injured due to the negligence of a drunk driver? If yes,  you should know how to handle the situation. If you fail to handle accidents involving drunk drivers,  this can have a negative impact on your personal injury claim. Getting connected with a car accident lawyer from Reputable law firms like Roger Varner injury law, will increase your chances of receiving maximum compensation for damages and injuries incurred. 

 However,  you should still be aware of the steps that you need to immediately take after being hit by a drunk driver. Keep reading to know more about this. 

How to react when you are hit by a drunk driver?

If you keep an eye on the total number of injuries caused due to DUI accidents, you will find the number to be overwhelmingly large. According to the National Highway Trafifc Safety Administration, there were 10,143 deaths in the US associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Whenever you find yourself in any accident, and you think this was caused by a drunk driver, ensure calling 911 instantly from the scene of the accident. There should be law enforcement present at the scene of the accident so that you could assess the situation and gather evidence. A few other vital steps to take are:

  • Click photos of the damaged car, of the scene of the crash, and other noteworthy injuries
  • Ensure you obtain and maintain copies of repair costs, medical costs, apart from lost wages
  • Identify potential witnesses for law enforcement so that you can get statements

Are drunk drivers always at fault for causing car accidents?

In the event when you’re injured due to the fault of an intoxicated driver, you will be entitled to a claim against an insurance company. If the insurance policy doesn’t have proper coverage, you should also have a claim against the insurance company. There are several factors to bear in mind while pursuing a drunk driving case, that includes:

  • The total amount of insurance available
  • The impairment of the drunk driver and his age
  • The injuries caused

The fact that the driver is drunk doesn’t automatically prove that he is faulty. Not all drunk driving accident leads to criminal charges. The drunk driver might be charged by the District Attorney’s office with a type of crime. Whenever a drunk driver is criminally charged, this will depend on the level of drugs and alcohol found in the system of the drunk driver, and other factors like the injuries caused. 

Therefore, if you’re a victim of DUI accident, you should try to hire a DUI accident lawyer who has experience in handling such cases. Take the above-listed steps in order to receive the compensation that you’re supposed to get. 

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